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Our Mission

Simply, your mission is our mission. We are accountants, advisors, coaches, and leaders. We listen to your values, history, and goals.  We observe and analyze with empathy before we speak. Our process helps you develop a comprehensive financial strategy tailored to your goals to help you elevate your business to new heights.

Our Values


We listen before we speak.  We conduct ourselves with utmost professionalism.  We believe common sense rules the day.  We speak in quality and authenticity over quantity and buzzwords.  


We are lifelong learners.  We continually strive to better ourselves and our communities.  We make mistakes, then we get back up and learn from them. 


We believe in doing things the right way.  We lead by example.  We selflessly give back to our communities.  We try to leave this world better than we found it.

USA Flag

Proudly made in America

Offshoring.  It's not just manufacturing.  All across the professional services world, companies large and small are outsourcing work overseas to cut costs.  Bookkeeping, billing, payroll, virtual assistants, all sorts of backoffice work can be done for your business from the other side of the world. All the big names in accounting and many small shops are offshoring all the transaction level work.


This is a two-pronged issue for us.  We stand behind our convictions that these service jobs should stay in America.  We also believe, and have witnessed firsthand, how the quality of the service suffers.  We never have, and never will offshore any of our work. 

Neat Computer Desk

Founded in 2021.  Rooted in the Old School.

Our company exists because of the amazing power of modern technologies and the paradigm shifts toward remote work. We can work more efficiently and communicate from anywhere with internet access. 


Technology provides a lot of amazing opportunities.  It is also bad in some important ways. One of those ways is how it negatively impacts our interpersonal communication. 


We firmly believe in forming real connections with people. These bonds that take time and mutual effort and respect. 


Accounting is a universal language, but it needs to be tailored to your specific needs. An emerging trend over the past several years has been the rise of virtual firms pushing a"productized" approach to packaging and selling accounting and consulting services. Boiled down, what this means is they are trying to scale beyond what should  practicably be done in the client service world in order to grow profit margins.  A professional service should never be productized.


We set ourselves apart by striving to provide the best client service in the industry.  We believe the old school had that part right.

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