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Security Room

We recognize that working with an outsourced accountant is an extremely intimate proposition.  Once you sign on, before we really get to know each other, we will be onboarding together and asking for logins and passwords to all your business accounts.  We have been doing this for years and established policies and best practices that are proven to keep your data secure.

We use encypted passwords and emails.  We utilize an encrypted password management software that is considered secure enough that the NSA uses it.  We use best practices with all passwords and have read-only access whenever possible. We work in teams so that each account only has a lead and backup and not everyone in the company has access.

Our partner service providers, whom we especially encourage you use for higher risk areas like banking, credit cards, and payroll, have been extensively vetted for industry-class security and privacy practices. You won't find Facebook and Google on our lists unless they quit selling your data to the highest bidder, or rather anyone with a stolen credit card. 

We are constantly learning through our Continued Professional Education and leisurely bedtime reading.  We have to be jack of many trades and part of the modern business environment is staying updated on cybersecurity.

No one can guarantee absolute protection from cybersecurity threats but taking precautions is crucial. We are here, fighting the good fight, on your side. 

Your data security is everything.  We get it.

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