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Ridgeline Business Solutions is your local finance and accounting team in Central PA

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High value, low cost bookkeeping and tax solutions plus financial reporting and business planning support.



Flexible solutions that are right-sized as your business grows. We cover all accounting and tax essentials and add valuable dashboards, financial modeling, strategic support, and process management scaled to fit your business needs

outsourced Finance Department
CFO + Admin

The whole enchilada.


A robust outsourced accounting and finance department.  From onsite staffing to highly qualified Fractional CFOs.  We take care of the backoffice.  Your time and energy are freed up to run the operations and grow the business. 

project work

With our team of experienced professionals, if you can dream it, we can probably do it.  The challenging one-off projects are some of our favorite things to do.

In a Meeting

Trusted Experts

Our people are our passion.  An advisor needs to understand the specific needs of your industry.  We only work in industries we know.  

We are experts at serving:

Residential Service Contractors

Nonprofit Organziations


 Personal. Trusted.  Reliable. Strategic.

We provide highly customized Financial Solutions.  From transaction level bookkeeping all the way up to the massive CFO level strategic planning. 

We are trusted strategic partners.  We harness all the power of modern technology to work with companies nationwide, but with an old school personalized approach to providing exceptional client service. 


We knock the onboarding process out of the park

We strive to ensure every client is onboarded with an exceptional attention to detail.  We want every single client to receive maximum value from our services.  We take the time to perform a full process audit to understand every aspect of your business.  Who the people are and what makes them tick?  What are your product and service offerings and what makes them great?  What is the customer experience is like?  We believe a true advisor first needs to get this 360 degree understanding of the business.  We've found this extra effort during the onboarding process ensures a productive partnership.


 Simplicity Rules the Day

There is something in typical accountant DNA that leads to overcomplication. The old inside joke is that complexity in the rules and standards creates accountant job security. Not so funny if you are the one paying for it.

We aren't typical accountants in that way.  We distill all the complexities down so you can understand what really matters. Key operational drivers, designing efficient and scalable processes, your cash flow, your tax planning, and your bottom line. 


Our vision is simple. You are in business because you are good at selling a product or service and you probably want to stick to what you are good at. Or maybe you want to be sitting on a beach in five years and want to figure out how to make that happen.  Either way, we're here for it.

Our services free up your time and resources to focus on running your business.

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